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What's Japanese female pro wrestling (Jyoshi Pro)?

* What's Japanese female pro wrestling (Jyoshi Pro)?
Japanese female pro wrestling ( Jyoshi Pro) started in 1948. And it has changed Japanese culture over the last 50 years. Female wrestlers with beautiful costumes fight in the ring. Their fight is very entertaining , and they have great martial arts technique. Recently, Japanese female pro wrestling has improved its fight style to a wilder and higher
level, the same as Japanese male pro wrestling. Now Japanese female pro wrestling is a very different style of female pro wrestling, and they have made an original style. There are many kinds of female wrestlers in Japan, real fighter, very fat wrestlers just like Rikishi of W.W.E., masked wrestlers, cute wrestlers, comedy type wrestlers, and so on.
They are not only pro wrestlers but also TV talent, and they are training very hard every day and they need strong effort to fight in the ring You can see their reality in the documentary film, "GAEA GIRLS".

* What's GAEA JAPAN?
GAEA JAPAN is the number 1 Japanese female pro wrestling federation in Japan.
It was founded in 1995 by Chigusa Nagayo who is a top female pro wrestler.
She made female pro wrestlig a movement all over Japan in 80's and has fought in the U.S.A. , Canada, Mexico and so on. GAEA's name comes from the goddess of the earth of Greek mythology. Young wrestlers whom Chigusa Nagayo trained and veteran wrestlers who have had great wrestling careers are fighting in the great story in GAEA rings.