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2/3/2002 A company name changed into GAEA INC
A company name changed into GAEA INC to unify related industries and expand business. 5 new division, Entertainment division, Sports promotion division,TV program production division, oad-band media division, License design division were established.

4/7/2002 Yokohama Bunka Gym show
GAEA 7th anniversary and Hokuto retirement show was held. Full house.
At the final match that was Ayako Hamada's first fight on the mat of GAEA,Hokuto rounded off her career at her retirement match. After the show, her wonderful retirement ceremony was held. Hokuto's husband and son appeared the mat. This ceremony was Very impressed. And it went down in history of pro wrestling industries.

10/20/2002 Yokohama Bunka Gym show
GAEA autumn big match g"YOKOHAMA MEGA RIDE" was held.
The four-movie screen that was first attended in history of GAEA was a great production of this show. The main matches were AAAW single & tag championship and other great matches were in this show. And also there was a special match with ZERO ONE male foreigner fighters.

11/10/2002 RAN YOU YOU and Carlos Amano joined GAEA
RAN YOU YOU who joined " YOKOHAMA MEGA RIDE" on 10/20 announced to be a GAEA fighter. Carlos Amano who had been fighting on the mat of GAEA as a freelance fighter regularly became a GAEA fighter from the Nagoya show on11/10.
Both of these fighters made a new unit and got first win in GAEA.

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