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April.29 1998
GAEA 3 rd anniversary show

GAEA 3 rd anniversary show was held in April 14 at Kourakuen Hall, Tokyo, in April 24 at Osaka #2 stadium, in April 29 at Kawasaki Gym, Kanagawa. Satomura won the 2nd High spurt at Kawasaki show. After the fight, Nagayo felt that Satomura might be her successor.

May. 31 1998
AAAW title change name

GAEA announced to change name of AAAW. Weight divide was abolished. AAAW heavy changed into AAAW single.AAAW junior heavy tag changed into AAAW tag. In according to this change, lots of challengers challenge these title matches, but a champion needs high technique to defend.

November. 29 1998
Nagayo in 30 th anniversary All Japan women pro wrestling organization

Nagayo joined her old place, 30 th anniversary All Japan women pro wrestling organization. She fought with Honami Toyota in the headline match. She won this title match and made success her first defend.

April.4 1999
GAEA 4 th anniversary show

Nagayo vs. Aska man-to- man fight after 10 years was the headline. Full house! Aska won this match, SSU got the match make right. And also, Satomura beat Aja. That's amazing situation! The new ear of GAEA would be starting.

September.15 1999
Re-match between Nagayo & Aska at Yokohama bunka gym

Re-match between Nagayo & Aska and AAAW single tag was a big match in this show. GAEA Japan held this Yokohama show as twice a year. Full house as same as a previous show. Nagayo won this revenge match.

March.12 2000
Nagayo and Aska decided to reunite CRUSH

Nagayo and Aska buried the conflict over one year. They agreed to reunite CRUSH after 11 years. And also, a reliable wrestler, Devil Masami joined this show. She made GAEA her battlefield. Her purpose was to beat CRUSH as same as Kansai became a freelance in July.

May 14. 2000
GAEA 5 th anniversary show

GAEA 5 th anniversary show was held in the huge venue, Ariake colosseum , Tokyo.
This show was the biggest show was in the history of GAEA. Full house!! The reunite of CRUSH 2000 draw all press's attention.

September.15 2000
Yokohama bunka gym show

The biggest GAEA autumn show was full house as same as last year. The 2 nd generation fought with the third generation was very exciting match. The 3 rd generation won unbelievably. And also CRUSH won the 2 nd reunite match.

April.29 2001
GAEA 6 th anniversary show

GAEA 6 th anniversary show was held in the big city, Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo. CRUSH 2000 appeared in Nagoya, Osaka. Satomura did very dangerous fight with Hokuto and she beat Hokuto. And this Osaka show was on air for 2 two hours by MBS TV station. It marked high audience rating.

December.15 2001
Kawasaki gym, Kanagawa

Very unique wrestler of Osaka pro wrestling federation and a variety of wrestlers joined this show, which was biggest in this year. Full house !! Satomura beat Aja in the headline match; she got a single champion belt.

Feuary. 3 2002
GAEA JAPAN changed company's name to GAEA Inc.

GAEA JAPAN changed company's name to GAEA Inc with unification and expand business of relation business. The newly five divisions, Entertainment division, Sports promotion division, TV program production division, oadband media division and License design division were established.