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August 25,1994
Announcement to establish new organization "GAEA JAPAN"

Chigusa Nagayo whom returned to the mat as a freelance, KAORU (Freelance), Bomber Hikaru (ex Japan women's pro wrestling) announced to establish "GAEA JAPAN" with president Ichiro Kimura and vice Yuka Sugiyama. They first rookie audition was held as same as the establishment. Successful candidates worked hard prepared for their debut under Nagayo's coaching.

April 15,1995
GAEA JAPAN first show

GAEA JAPAN first show " Memorial first gong" was held at the mecca of martial arts, Kourakuen, Tokyo. This show was full house and very successful!! 6 rookies made their debut at this show got great reputation from audience and press and so on.

April 29,1996
GAEA 1 st anniversary show

GAEA holds their show at Kourakuen hall, Tokyo once a month mainly, and also they were on the road to country areas, such as Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Niigata and Hamamatsu actively. 13 shows were held in 1995. GAEA 1 st anniversary show was held at Kourakuen hall in April 29. Full house!!

September 16, 1996
Akira Hokuto joined GAEA JAPAN

Akira Hokuto who was a big shot freelance announced to joined GAEA. GAEA announced formally that she would join GAEA mat at the press conference in September 19. She did the first fight as GAEA's roster at Singapore show in November 2.

November 2,1996
Establish AAAW title

GAEA established AAAW (All Asia Athlete women) heavy class single & junior heavy class tag title at their first over sea's tour, Singapore show. Chigusa Nagayo got heavy class single belt. And Meiko Satomura & Sonoko Kato got junior heavy class tag belt.

April 4, 1997
Uematsu got WCW cruiser champion ship

Akira Hokuto got WCW world women single champion ship in November 1996. And next Toshie Uematsu went through the preliminary match in Japan, and finally she became newly establishment WCW world women cruiser single champion. She returned to Japan in triumphal.

April 29,1997
GAEA 2 nd anniversary show

GAEA had been kept having Kourakuen Show, Tokyo once a month as same as last year. On the other hand, they increased local show. 24 shows were held in 1996. GAEA 2 nd anniversary show was held in Tokyo and Osaka. Full house, both!

July 3, 1997
Toshiyo Yamada happy transfer to GAEA

Toshiyo Yamada happy transferred GAEA from All women's pro wrestling in the proof of GAEA's front and All women's pro wrestling's front. After that she is fighting as GAEA's roster.

July 19, 1997
GAEA organized the 2-nd junior all star match

GAEA organized the 2 nd junior all star match at Yokohama bunka gym, Kanagawa. 36 wrestlers who had career less than 5 years joined this match from another 7 organizations. This show was full house! Very successful!