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2/8/2002 Kourakuen Hall show Tokyo
The original LAS CACHORRAS ORIENTARES one night revival.
Hokuto announced her retirement at the last Kourakuen show. The original LAS CACHORRAS ORIENTARES of Hokuto, Mita, and Shimoda made their one night revival. They fought with Ozaki, Kansai, and Yamada and then Hokuto won by Nothern light bomb. At the Osaka show on 2/16, Hokuto appeared as her other face, Layna Fubuki with the other Layna.

3/17/2002 Kourakuen Hall show Tokyo
A freelance fighter, Ayako Hamada announced her intent to enter the ring of GAEA
Ayako Hamada left Arsion in January and appeared the mat of GAEA as a freelance fighter at the first time. She spoke of her enthusiasm at Hokuto's retirement match with a belt, which she got in Mexico, on her shoulder. After she saw the final match, she and Satomura.

4/7/2002 Yokohama Bunka gym show Kanagawa Akira Hokuto retired
Akira Hokutro retired.
In the final match of Hokuto & Satomura VS Nagayo & Hamada, Hokuto got a pin with her special finish move over Hamada. Hokuto rounded off her career at her retirement match. After 10-count gong of her retirement ceremony, her husband Kensuke Sasaki, and her son Kennosuke appeared an elevated walkway.
She closed her career of female pro wrestlers with great family love.
On the other hand, Sugar Sato and Devil Masami returned to the mat from long absent for one year.

6/2/2002 Tokyo Kourakuen show Day & Night
Kourakuen Day & Night show was held
GAEA held the first Day & Night show since their first show.
At the daytime show, a double tournament challenge match for the AAAW single championship and AAAW tag champion were held. Nagashima got the challenge right for the AAAW Single championship and Nagayo & Hirota got the challenge right for the AAAW tag championship.
At the nighttime show, AAAW single championship and AAAW tag championship matches were held. D-FIX made their first defense of the AAAW tag championship and Nagashima got a pin over Satomura, and became a champion for the first time.
In a special match of the daytime show, Aja took a fire extinguisher and then ran out of control. She condemned that the present GAEA was lukewarm,and she made an enemy of all GAEA fighters.

7/4/2002 Osaka Sky Dome show Osaka
Manami Toyota appearance
After the final match, Manami Toyota, who left All Japan woman pro wrestling federation the day before this show, appeared. Aja called her and she got in the ring of GAEA, and then she almost intended to fight with Yamada and the other all GAEA fighters.
Toyota negotiated with Aja to work with her at the backstage. She decided to fight on the mat of GAEA.

7/14/2002 Kourakuen Hall show
MOTOZEN organized
Toyota made a tag team with Aja on her first fight in the ring of GAEA, and then she beat Power Head. After the match, she shouted gOf course, All Japan woman pro wrestling federation is no 1!" Aja and LAS CACHORRAS ORIENTRES agreed with her. And then a new unit g MOTOZEN" by ex all Japan women pro wrestling federation was formed.
The singles champion, Nagashima fought back and said, " Zenjyoism? What is this?"
She announced to kill MOTOZEN.

10/20/2002 Yokohama Bunka gym show Kanagawa
GAEA's big autumn show, YOKOHAMA MEGA RIDE was held. Toyota challenged the AAAW single championship title that Nagashima had. Toyota won and became the new champion.
CRUSH revived after 546 days and got a pin over LAS CACHORRAS ORIENTARES.
Satomura & Hamada beat D-FIX, and they became AAAW tag champions.
Sugar beat Aja. And as a special match, ZERO ONE foreigner fighters tag match was setup. After the final match, Asuka and Devil joined MOTOZEN.
CRUSH was opposed again.

11/10/2002 Nagoya International conference Hall show, Aichi
RAN & Amano entered GAEA
A freelance fighter Carlos Amano announced to enter GAEA at an entrance ceremony.
She became a GAEA fighter with RAN YOU YOU who announced to enter GAEA on 10/20. And at the final match, a new tag champion team, Satomura & Hamada beat Aja & Toyota, they made success their first defense.

11/17/2002 Kourakuen Hall show Tokyo
Hi Spurt "600" tournament was held
A usual autumn event, Hi Spurt "600" tournament was held with 7 fighters to challenge for the right to fight for the AAAW single championship that Toyota had. Sugar beat 3 fighters, Hamada, Amano, RAN, and she got the challenge right. But Yamada who got a pin over Toyota at the semi final match announced to challenge the AAAW single champion.
The challenger decision match between Sugar and Yamada was decided at the final GAEA show in 2002.

12/15/2002 Kourakuen Hall show
Yamada got the challenge right for Toyota
The next challenger for AAAW single championship between Sugar and Toyota was at the final match in this show. Yamada beat Sugar because of her heavy persistence to Toyota. She moved ahead the title match in the beginning of 2003.
D-FIX, whom cut Nagayo's hair at Osaka show on 11/24 and cut Uematsu's hair at Hamamatsu show on 12/1 with hair clippers, attacked Sonoko Kato suddenly.
They suggested doing indiscriminately terrorism for all fighters, staff, and audiences when they backed to the back stage.