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January 14 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
Ozaki got single champion ship, so she had 2 big titles.
Ozaki challenged her desirous single championship match of three year's standing. She got a champion belt from Aja. She rules! Satomura wanted to challenge her. But she refused her request. She dominates Nagayo whom she can 100% beat as a challenger.

January 27 Nagoya international conference center Aichi
CRASH lost tag champion ship match
CRASH challenged tag championship match in 11 years; they were defeated decisively by champion team's rough fight. Nagayo requested them to fight again, they agreed with her request, but they suggested the condition that if CRUSH lost, they would eak up. In GAEA Nagoya show, April 8, CRUSH and champion team were fighting without title. As the result of this fight, CRUSH accomplished revenge match.

Feuary 25 IMP Hall Osaka
Aja who left Arsion burst into GAEA
After headline match, Aja who left Arsion few days ago burst into, she requested to fight with CRUSH. She took Kyoko Inoue as her partner to GAEA Kourakuen show in March 12. Aja's selfish play made Himiko angry. Very serious situation!

April 29 Kawasaki gym Kanagawa
Satomura won Hokuto by KO at GAEA 6 th anniversary show
GAEA 6 th anniversary show in Kawasaki ,Osaka and NAGOYA. CRASH beat Aja & Kyoko in Osaka, Satomura beat Kansai as same as GAEA January show. And Sugar & Nagashima made success to get back Tag championship match. In Kawasaki, Satomura beat Hokuto by KO. Ozaki beat Nagayo in single champion ship title match and she still has Champion belt. KAORU separated from Aja. And also Miyuki Maeda left from Arsion fought exclusive one match.

May 13 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
Serious injury happened one by one/Unit reorganize
Kato, Sugar, Devil, Nagayo, Hokuto were injured. They had to absent by injury for a long time. That's been very serious situation! All units reorganized, the conflict between Team CRUSH, D-FIX and Rai Rai Ken started.

July 15 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
KAORU & Aska intense hard-core match
Grudge between KAORU & Aska was ought up. The reason was Aska joined Arsion.
They did intense hard-core match all over hall. After the super fight, they both KO.
Aska move her mat from GAEA to Arsion last.

September 2 Kourakuen Hall
GAEA mat confuse for plot of D-FIX
D-FIX produces unreasonable the next challenger tournament, invites Nagayo has just returned back to GAEA mat to their unit, uses tactics of next contenderand so on. They tried to work out a plot. GAEA mat was confused by their terrible activity. But Nagayo betrayed them. They failed all plans. Aja got right of next contender KAORU had and single championship title Ozaki had.
Finally, All things were getting better.

October 21 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
Team CRUSH & RaiRaiKen eak up Hokuto back to GAEA
Nagayo joined D-FIX and betrayed them immediately and so on. She had been very strange acting. She proved her opinion that she would oken up all units and would like to fight individual. Hokuto agreed with her. But only D-FIX didn't agree.

December 15 Kawasaki gym Kanagawa
Satomura became single match champion/CRASH Jr. debut
The biggest match GAEA Kawaski show within the year. Satomura beat Aja. She got single match champion belt. CRASH Jr. Aya Sakurai debut. She did good fight with Nagashima. Las Cachorras Orientales got 50.000$ in the ladder match. Hokuto fought with Wakizawa in Wakizawa's last match.