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January 16 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
KAORU finds her own way in Hard core style
KAORU left Classic style fought with Nagayo, and she found her own way in hard-core style. She beat Yamada, Ozaki for a short time. She challenged AAAW single title champion ship Aja had, unfortunately she lost. But they showed fierce same team fight.

March 12 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
Nagayo & Asuka agree to reunite CRUSH
Himiko made reckless attempt to Nagayo. Nagayo & Aska make a decision to reunite CRUSH. A reliable wrestler, Devil joined Himiko. They got pin from CRUSH at GAEA day & night show in Osaka, March 20. They announced to destroy CRUSH.

May 14 Ariake colosseum Tokyo
The 5 th anniversaries GAEA show Reunite CRUSH 2000
This show is the biggest event in the history of GAEA. Full house!
CRUSH 2000 was reunite at last. They fought with Hokuto & Devil. They won quickly. After this fight, the 3 rd generation joined CRUSH 2000, and then they made Team CRUSH.

May 20 IMP Hall Osaka
Conflict between Team CRUSH & The 2 nd generation start
Conflict between Team CRUSH ( CRUSH 2000 + Heisei generation) and The 2 nd generation ( Hokuto, Ozaki, Aja, KAORU, Yamada, Devil) start. Kansai announced to be a freelance to beat Team CRUSH in GAEA Kourakuen show in June 11. And then she joined the second generation.

September 15 Yokohama gym Kanagawa
Team CLASH won the title of 5 vs 5 single title match
The 2 nd generation fought with The 3 rd generation in 5 vs. 5 single title matches. The 3 rd generation won unbelievably. CRUSH 2000 beat Aja & Kansai in a headline match. So Team CRUSH won all title matches with a perfect record.
But two days after, the 2 nd generation made a counterattack at Team CRUSH in 7 to 7 HS 600 title match at GAEA Kourakuen show. Hokuto into the mat with costume in the age of dangerous. She fought with Kato.

November 3 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
Tag champion ship title match & 30,000$ prize challenge match
30,000$ prize challenger tournament match was held. The winner can get 30,000$ and champion belt. Hokuto & Ozaki team became a champion in the finals in November 26, Osaka.

December 17 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
Hokuto & Ozaki won Tag champion ship title match Enter the ZERO & ZONE
Hokuto & Ozaki won Tag champion ship title match. It was the finals of the year. They got 30,000$ and champion belt. But dark side CRUSH'S " ZERO & ZONE" entered after the title match immediately, for a while the floor was thrown into an uproar. They kidnapped Police and soon disappeared. KAORU first single won from Nagayo. She requested to fight with Aska.