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Feuary 11 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
Free unit SSU organize
Aska first appearance in GAEA in the end of 1998 was shock for everyone.
She made success to approach Las Cachorras Orientales as same as the approach of Oz academy. She made free unit SSU (Super stars unit) and declared full conflict.
At Kourakuen Hall in March 15,she wanted to fight at GAEA yokohama show to gain GAEA's admiration and all GAEA's right.

April 4 Yokohama bunka gym Kanagawa
Nagayo vs Aska man to man fight after 10 years
Nagayo vs Aska man-to-man fight after 10 years was the headline at GAEA 4 th anniversary show. This show was full house. Aska beat nagayo by tower hacker from fire attack. SSU made success to get all right. In semi final match, Satomura beat Aja. That meant new era of GAEA would be starting.

April 25 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
SSU gets extreme all leadership
SSU made success to get extreme all leadership in Yokohama show. They did Nagayo's opening act and changed the match make immediately. And they announced to challenge AAAW single champion ship at Kourakuen Hall in May 18. As soon as Aja beat Nagayo in this title match, they announced that Nagayo should absent by confine. They used their prestige.

June 20 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
Nagayo backs to Japan from U.S.A.
Nagayo escaped to U.S.A. secret from SSU. She built up her body by chemical training in Santa Monica. She changed her body completely, backed to GAEA Kourakuen show. About Nagayo vs Mita, Nagayo fonished job in a minutes. She suggested open debate with audience and press; she made success to make the revenge match with Aska in GAEA Yokohama show in September.

July 19 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
Hokuto blitz return. SSU divide into 2 units.
After Tag title match finished, Aja and OZ academy declared to leave SSU.
At the same time, Hokuto appeared suddenly, she joined a member of OZ.
So that SSU divided into Aska clan and OZ clan.

August 29 IMP Hall Osaka
Aska clan won in Primal power match between Aska clan & Nagayo clan
The press conference about GAEA Yokohama show in September 15. Raise struggle between Aska clan & OZ clan. They were fighting to get primal power in GAEA Osaka show. Aska clan won and got all leadership. After the match, Aska provoked Nagayo, but not Nagayo, ZERO reached Aska. They got the deal such as if Nagayo won, she would have all leader ship again, if Aska won, Nagayo would join SSU as ZERO. That's been unbelievable deal!

September 15 Yokohama bunka gym Kanagawa
Nagayo got all leader ship again
Nagayo suggested no rule match to Aska in the revenge match just before their fighting. Nagayo won by big fire and death valley. She got all leader ship again in 6 months. One week after that match, Las Cachorras Orientales had no respect for Aska any more. SSU had totally oken up.

October 2-3 Sapporo Teisen Hall Hokaido
Team Nostradamus gets start actually
After SSU oke up, Team Nostradamua became a most remarkable team. Aska & Nagayo straight to the hospital by no mercy Guerrilla strategy. Yamada who made her image reversed 3 times win in hand cuff match at Kourakuen in November 27.
But RIE hit Takeuchi, she turned into Team Nostradamus.

October 11 KBS Hall Kyoto
Kato won The 3 rd HS 600 tournament
The 3 rd HS tournament was held for three days in Kobe, Osaka, and Kyoto.Kato won champion ship in second times, and won a prize of 10,000$.

December 27 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
Nagayo & Aska historical return, but battle era of three teams
Nagayo & Satomura fought with Aska & Kato in the headline match,In the meantime, Team Nostradamus eaks in! No contest. Furious Nagayo & Aska revived W fist attack again, they shook hands. But Aska refused to revive CRUSH GALS. Aska organize new clan " D or A" with KAORU, Aja, Kato, GAEA's mat into battle era of three teams. And team Nostradamus changes name into "Himiko" from the beginning of New Year.