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Feuary 22 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
KAORU & Yamada reconciliation. Ozaki & Hokuto unite
KAORU & Yamada won in the headline match. KAORU has had bad relationship with Yamada since last November by Ozaki's trap. But they understood each other at that time. On the other hand, Hokuto tried to enter OZ, announced to unite Ozaki. But she knew she was pregnant immediately. So she was absent from her pregnant for a long time from GAEA Kawasaki show in March.

April 29 Kawaski gym Kanagawa
GAEA 3 rd anniversary show
GAEA 3 rd anniversary show was held in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kawasaki.
Uematsu challenged GAEA KAI rule. It was her first time. In Osaka, Manami Toyota first appeared GAEA's mat, and Aja & Satomura's first single match. In Kawasaki, Satomura won the 2 nd High spurt, she did head line match as Nagayo's partner. Aja & Ozaki beat them, but Nagayo felt that Satomura might be her successor.

May 31 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
AAAW title change name
GAEA announced to change name of AAAW. Weight divide was abolished.
AAAW heavy changed into AAAW single, AAAW junior heavy tag changed into AAAW tag. In according to this change, AAAW tag next challenge tournament would be held from June to August by 6 teams. Aja & Ozaki won in this tournament at Osaka show In August 10. They got challenge for AAAW tag.

August 23 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
AAAW 2 big title match is held
AAAW single & AAAW tag title match were held. Aja & Oaki won AAAW champion ship. Nagayo beat Devil in AAAW single title match. She made success to get back the champion ship. Satomura & Kato did all clear match, draw by 30 minutes.

October 3 Sapporo Teisen Hall Hokkaido
Nagayo fights with Kato by ROMAN style
Nagayo ings forward philosophical fighting style to remove finish move named ROMAN style. She fought with Kato by this style. As the result of classical fighting, Nagayo won by spinning toe hold.

October 10 IMP Hall Osaka
Kansai premium league start
Premium league by GAEA starting member ( Satomura, Kato, Nagashima,Sugar, Uematsu) was held from October to Feuary 1999 in only Kansai area. The fighting of very expectable next generation wrestlers was fabulous. They were fighting with using heart, technique, body add their ain. Satomura beat Uematsu.

November 29 Yokohama arena Kanagawa
Nagayo in 30 th anniversary All Japan women pro wrestling
Nagayo joined her old place,30 th anniversary All Japan women pro wrestling. She fought with Honami Toyota in the headline match. She bet AAAW single title on this match. She won by Manji gatame(Ultimate coa twist).

December 27 kourakuen Hall Tokyo
Lioness Aska in GAEA
After the headline, Lioness Aska got into GAEA's mat. Nagayo tried to shake hands with her ever comrade. Asuka refused and she approached Aja & Ozaki.
Furious Nagayo run after Aska, and then they were free for all.