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Feuary 23 Nagoya gym Aichi
Hirota & Hiromi Kato desire to join OZ
Nagayo crashed Ozaki in the main event, Ozaki beat Nagayo. After the fighting, Rookie Hirota & Kato desired to join OZ in their home town Nagoya.

April 4 Roar Nooke U.S.A (WCW)
Uematsu got WCW cruiser champion ship
Uematsu challenged WCW world woman cruiser first champion ship. She beat Maria Hosaka in the finals and got the belt. She returned to GAEA Osaka show in triumphal in April 21.

April 29 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
ZERO first appearance in Japan
After the finals of GAEA 2nd anniversary show, Nagayo's another character ZERO first appearance in Japan with her manager ZERA. ZERO gave Ozaki backdrop, and then she left in silent.

May 18 Hachiouji Marti barbs plaza Tokyo
GAEA-KAI rule start
Limited rule GAEA-KAI started on a trial basis. In this rule, wrestlers were dressed in black T-shirts & spats, legers and contend victory with KO and give up. Satomura, Kato, Sugar, Uematsu, Nakano, Numao, Hiromi Kato fought by this rule.

July 3
Toshiyo Yamada transfer to GAEA JAPAN
Toshiyo Yamada of All Japan women's pro wrestling announced to transfer to GAEA in the proof of GAEA's front and All Japan women's pro wrestling's front. She started fighting as one of GAEA's wrestler from GAEA Kourakuen show in July 21. She fought with KAORU by GAEA-KAI rule, and she won the first victory. And An imitation Reina Fubuki appeared in the same show, but nobody knows who she is ever.

July 19, Yokohama Bunka gym Kanagawa
GAEA organized The second junior all-star match
GAEA held the second junior all-star match. 36 wrestlers joined this match from All Japan women's pro wrestling, JWP, LLPW, Jd, All Japan Pro wrestling, SPWF. They did 3-title match (AAAW Junior Tag, WCW cruiser, All Japan single). This show was full house,it was very successful.

September 20, Kawasaki gym Kanagawa
GAEA's first ever big match, Kawasaki show
GAEA held first ever big match at Kawasaki gym. This show was full house.
Nagayo beat Aja in the title match. And WCW cruiser title match, Kyoko Inoue first appearance, The darkness match between ZERO & Super heel and so on. This was the fan's most favorite show !

October 10 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
Hirota's No more stupid road start
Hirota started tough tag matches named No more stupid road from this show.
She and Nagayo fought with Tag champion, Satomura & Kato, Sugar & Nagashima, Lascachorras Orientales and Hokuto. She fought 3 times in a day at Shizukuishi show in October 17. She lost all match by pin. She made dishonor record.

November 18 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
Enter the Ozaki, Aja gets angry, first appearance , Las Cachorras Orientales
Ozaki who disappeared from GAEA mat appeared as a second of the 4 th match.
She ought eak up the unit of KAORU and Yamada. Aja got very angry with Satomura who apologized to a foe. As a headline, Las Cachorras Orientales appeared GAEA at the first time; they fought with Nagayo & Hirota.

December 13 Nagasaki Omura gym
Nagayo back to hometown
Nagayo back to her hometown Omura. Lots of her friend and relative came see her great fighting. She put on Ryukyu Karate dougi and she won in her home town.
Her relatives and friends were very glad.

December 27 Kourakuen hall Tokyo
High spurt 600 tournament start
The 1-st High spurt 600 tournaments were held in the last match of this year.
This tournament was first challenge in Japanese pro wrestling industry and very tough match. The rule is 10 minutes by one match and both fighters are disqualified in the case of draw by time out. Sonoko Kato won.