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Feuary. 16 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
Heisei GUREN team attack
Heel unit" Heisei GUREN team " of LLPW attacked GAEA mat. They came into conflict with Nagayo, Bomber and Kato. Bomber beat Jenne and that conflict finished at Hakata show in March 15.

March. 15 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
Memorial single between Nagayo & Sakie Hasegawa
Sakie Hasegawa of All Japan female pro wrestling organization that was ready for her retires fought with Nagayo. Nagayo wore Huurin Kazan uniform got into the mat with her entrance theme music " CRUSH" added the gaiety of Hasegawa's retirement.

April. 29 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
1 st anniversary GAEA JAPAN show/Nagayo fights Tag match with Kandori
5 female pro wrestling organizations joined 1st anniversary GAEA JAPAN show.
Nagayo fought the first tag match with Shinobu Kandori, and Nagashima beats Kato, she won the victory of rookie league tournament. Satomura fought Yamada of All Japan female pro wrestling organization. And also the second generation of GAEA JAPAN, Matsumoto, Ishii made their debut.

May. 5 Kawasaki stadium Kanagawa (FMW)
Nagayo beats Tsutiya by serious blooding
Nagayo with a cowboy hat and bull rope appeared the fighting with Tsutiya By street fight rule. She destroyed Tsutiya's left shoulder and beat her by referee stop. After the fighting, Terry Funk is Nagayo's soul master gave her the heated arm.

May. 18 Ota gym Tokyo (All Japan women pro wrestling organization)
Satomura got MVP at the 1 st all star fighting match
GAEA JAPAN starting members enter a war junior all-star fighting match. This fighting match is for female pro wrestler who has over 5-year career. Satomura got MVP, and Uematsu made entry WWWA super light first champion ship.
Sugar Sato got MIP prize.B

June. 30 Yokohama Arena Kanagawa (Rikidouzan memorial festival)
Main wrestlers of GAEA JAPAN took part in Rikidouzan memorial festival.
Nagayo, Bomber, Uematsu fought with combined 6 members tag math with JWP.
After all fight was over, they got into the mat Antonio Inoki and shouted " DA-!" Together.

July. 20 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
Ozaki invites Sato to her unit in front of audience
After the main event, Ozaki invited Sato to her unit in front of audience.And also, Nagashima betrayed GAEA at Osaka show on 31. These happenings were the basic of unit OZ academy.

August. 12, 13 Nihon Budoukan Tokyo (All Japan women pro wrestling organization)
Hirota made historical debut in Budoukan
Hirota took part in all star-fighting match " Discover New Heroine Tag tournament" (Tag between Young wrestler & Veteran wrestler) with Nagayo. She made historical debut, but Aja beat her by her back blow. Yamada & Kato joined in the same tournament, they advanced best 4.

September. 1 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo (All Japan women pro wrestling organization)
Sugar & Nagashima got All Japan tag championship
Sugar & Nagashima took part in " New generation Queen Festival " was held by All Japan women pro wrestling organization. And then they made their first challenge All Japan tag championship that Rie Tamada & Yumi Fukawa had. Nagashima beats Fukawa by German Suplex Hold that was first appearance technique. Although she got the volt, (She returned it in September 1997 after twice beaten.)

September. 16 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
Hokuto joins GAEA JAPAN
After semi final match (Nagayo vs Yamada), Freelance big shot, Akira Hokuto announced her blitz joint of GAEA. Four days later, GAEA announced formally that she would join GAEA mat from Singapore show at the press conference.

November. 2 Indoor stadium Singapore
Establish AAAW title
GAEA JAPAN established AAAW (All Asia Athlete Women) Heavy class single, Junior Heavy class tag title at their first over seas tour Singapore show.
Nagayo became the first champion of Heavy class single; Satomura & Kato team became the first champion of Junior heavy class tag. After Singapore show, Nagayo, Hokuto, KAORU, Satomura, Kato flew to U.S.A. They played in WCW. Nagayo appeared as her new character ZERO, on the other hand Hokuto got WCW world woman championship.

December. 13 Chiba Park Gym Chiba
Uematsu became a champion of WCW road tournament
Uematsu won one night tournament for WCW road. She got a ticket in April.