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April.15,Kourakuen Hall, Tokyo
GAEA JAPAN First show
GAEA First Show "Memorial first gong" was held at Mecca of martial arts, "Kourakuen hall". Ozaki & super heel, Devil, beat Nagayo & Kansai tag team. Starting members, 6 wrestlers made their debut. GAEA Japan got great reputation from audience and press.

June.18, Kourakuen Hall, Tokyo
Nagayo fights with Kansai & Devil
Nagayo was beaten by Kansai's splash mountain at JWP Ryougoku show in Jun.6.
Two days after She fought with Devil again, and she got the first victory from Devil since Nagayo became a pro wrestler.

July.29, Kourakuen Hall, Tokyo
Fighting with FMW star
Exchange between GAEA & FMW start. Nagayo beats Bad nurse Nakamura, but the conflict between Nagayo & Mad Dog Military started. That's conflict kept on for one year by Kawasaki show in May.1996 on the mat of GAEA and FMW.

September. 17 ATC Hall, Osaka
Rookie league start/ Street match between Nagayo & Ozaki start
Rookie league" NEO ENERGY QUEEN HISTORY" by starting members, Satomura, Kato, Uematsu, Nagashima, Sato, Nakano, Numao start. Nagayo won the street match with Ozaki. She revenged for Ozaki.

September. 23 Kourakuen Hall, Tokyo
GAEA JAPAN held Day & Night show with JWP
GAEA JAPAN held revolutionary Day & Night tie up show with JWP at Kourakuen Hall. KAORU, Satomura, Kuzumi team won the victory at 6 members tag tournament.

November. 3 Kourakuen Hall Tokyo
Young wrestlers join Mitinoku Pro wrestling federation for their training.
Great Sasuke of Mitinoku Pro wrestling federation came to GAEA show. He announced with Nagayo that the starting member joined his mat. Satomura and the other 6 wrestlers joined Mitinoku Pro wrestling tour from November10 to 23.

December. 9 Yokohama bunka gym Kanagawa (JWP)
KAORU got JWP tag champion ship
KAORU challenged JWP tag championship with Akira Fukuoka at JWP Yokohama show.
She beats Kansai & Cutie Suzuki team and she got the championship. Since then, she had been kept it by July 1996. (defended 01)